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Humanity as a whole is a species that thrives upon working together to achieve a greater good. No matter where in the world you are from, there is a common bond that we all share, and that is that we accomplish much more when we cooperate. And even though humans do not always get along, there is a sense of accomplishment when we do, and it creates something much greater than the individuals.

This can range from entertainers, to the people that make our laws, to someone that does driveway paving. In order to achieve any of this, we must realize the goals we are working toward and that working together is the best way in which to accomplish those. This is perhaps what makes me the happiest and saddest about humanity, being able to see what we can do when we unite, and see us simply not uniting a lot of the time.

The road to a solution

Perhaps what makes me the most sad about it all is that many people seem to know what it takes in order for humans to achieve, but have a difficult time doing it anyway. That in order for us to succeed, our goals must line up with others and even though we may disagree on some of the details, the fact remains that we must work together in order to get anything meaningful done.

It does not seem that difficult to simply work together, but there are a lot of things that separate people from one another. The worst part is that these things are often things that do not make a difference such as culture and race, but they still act as barriers for progressing humanity. Once we are able to work together all of the time, we can continue to create modern marvels and do right by ourselves.

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