Lap of luxury

Posted on July 14, 2016 in Culture


One of the ways in which we can judge success is our ability to have free time in this harsh world. Humans of ancient times had to worry so much about where their next meal was coming from that they had little time to enjoy themselves. Today, we live in a world, well some of us, that we do not have to worry as much about such things and we can begin to enjoy our lives.

Unfortunately this is not true all of the world, but living in the United States, we must find things to occupy our time with. One such things is luxury items that are not crucial to our survival, but rather things that we use to enhance our lives. Talking to someone from a local business by the name of Perfect Pool Repair, I gained insight on just how great some of us have it.

Worry not

If you think about it, pools are something that we definitely do not need for survival and are sort of strange. There is water all around our planet, water that is perfect for swimming. However, we are at a place where we want this in our own back yard. We do not want to travel to remote destinations to enjoy swimming, but rather we just want to walk into our back yard in order to do so. How far we have come since wondering where our next meal is coming from.

All you can do is marvel at how far we have come and appreciate what we have. Working together as a society, we have constructed a world in which we do not have to worry about the essentials in life, but can then simply install items to make our lives easy, perhaps too easy.

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