How far we have come

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When it comes to humanity, we have come a long way from our ancestors but still have a long way to go. There was a period in time where war tore the earth and innovation was at a standstill, this was called the Dark Ages, and it represented a period of stagnation in a world that had previously experienced a great deal of artistic and cultural growth.

Today, we are past that and we hope to never go back. A good reason why we got out of the Dark Ages and resumed innovation was through peace and stopping the spread of disease. During the Dark Ages, the Bubonic Plague killed much of the world’s population and we had no way in which to control it.

Things are better

Today, we have gotten a lot closer to managing disease and although our world is still plagued by war and intolerance, we have still managed to come a long way especially in terms of medical technology. Perhaps people are violent by nature, but if we can work together at least in some arenas, we can once again begin to innovate our world.

In the future, let’s hope that we can get rid of the racial intolerance and war and continue to build a more peaceful and profitable future. Whenever humans fight on a large scale, humanity suffers. In order to truly achieve a utopia, we must begin to think of other people rather than just protecting our own selfish interests.

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