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Posted on July 11, 2016 in Culture


Religion is something that has been the crux of many conflicts worldwide, and for some people, this is seen as a large problem. It is undoubtedly the main cause for armed conflict around the world and in many ways, always has been. So why is religion, something that is inherently good, and tells us to treat people with love and respect, something that often leads to violence.

Well perhaps the answer lies in its importance to people. We hold our beliefs at such a strong value, that it is hard for people to see why other people believe in the things that they do. There is so much violence in the name of religion, but it is not religion’s fault, it is human nature.

Curbing it back

This blog is designed to paint religion in a new light. As a powerful force that can bring people together rather than tear people apart. Humans are often violent in nature, and religion is often used as a crutch on which to blame people’s nature. Going to war over religion is something that is almost contradictory in nature, so perhaps it is time to re-evaluate the way we press our beliefs.

As stated in previous posts, all we can do is try to understand other people’s beliefs and show the world that religion can in fact be the conduit for love that it was designed to be. Let’s curb our violent nature and show the world that we can do better, that we can preach what we teach.

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