Coming together

Posted on July 9, 2016 in Culture


Well there is something that cannot be denied about the world today, and that is that peace is very far from a possibility. It seems as though racial and religious tensions are at an all time high, and that does not bode well for humanity. What I always have strove for is getting people aware about social injustice in the world and letting people know that they can do something about it.

Religion and race are things that make us different on a surface level, but the problem comes when people begin to separate these people from humanity. In order to achieve peace, or even begin to call ourselves civilized, we must realize that this just will not do.

Things you can do

By simply trying to understand how other people work, what drives them, and how they interpret the world around them, we can begin to understand why we should be getting along. That even though these small things may seem to separate us, that we are all part of humanity and in order to become civilized must learn to live together.

Tolerance is only the beginning. When people say they are tolerant, they are pretty much saying that they accept other people’s right to exist. It’s a start, but in order to become a complete person, you should try to understand people rather than just accepting their existence. This is easier said than done of course, but we can begin by improving ourselves and hope that other people follow suit.

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