Religion as a starting point

Posted on July 6, 2016 in Uncategorized

The road to tolerance and understanding is one that is not always easy to traverse. People have such different beliefs and cultural differences that it is oftentimes difficult to find a common ground. However, there is something to be said about religion being a way to connect with others rather than alienating them. Religion is something that is so important to many people that it can also be used to connect.

The thing about different religions is that there are so many differences yet there are also so many similarities. Almost every religion has its beliefs rooted in love and understanding. So why is there so much animosity among people just because of their religion? The answer is that these differences are much more heavily highlighted than the similarities.

The Truth

Is that we do have the means with which to come together and create a more harmonious world. All we have to do is realize that we are all the same no matter our culture, religion, race, or anything else that is supposed to separate us. Instead of using religion as a divider, why not use it as a way to unify us?

Just by simply knowing that we are all humans and that most of us believe in a religion, we can begin to understand how other people think and that we are all pretty much the same. Religion is seen as a thing that makes us different, but we should start to realize that it should be something that makes us the same.

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