Everything in its right place

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Humanity as a whole is a species that thrives upon working together to achieve a greater good. No matter where in the world you are from, there is a common bond that we all share, and that is that we accomplish much more when we cooperate. And even though humans do not always get along, there is a sense of accomplishment when we do, and it creates something much greater than the individuals.

This can range from entertainers, to the people that make our laws, to someone that does driveway paving. In order to achieve any of this, we must realize the goals we are working toward and that working together is the best way in which to accomplish those. This is perhaps what makes me the happiest and saddest about humanity, being able to see what we can do when we unite, and see us simply not uniting a lot of the time.

The road to a solution

Perhaps what makes me the most sad about it all is that many people seem to know what it takes in order for humans to achieve, but have a difficult time doing it anyway. That in order for us to succeed, our goals must line up with others and even though we may disagree on some of the details, the fact remains that we must work together in order to get anything meaningful done.

It does not seem that difficult to simply work together, but there are a lot of things that separate people from one another. The worst part is that these things are often things that do not make a difference such as culture and race, but they still act as barriers for progressing humanity. Once we are able to work together all of the time, we can continue to create modern marvels and do right by ourselves.

The price of stagnation

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As humans, we often live complicated lives, we live in a society where every individual matters but every individual is separate in that they have their own lives to live. We are strange in that our society is better connected than any other in the animal kingdom, but sometimes we seem to be the most disorganized and violent animals of them all. Knowing that we accomplish more together, why must this be the case?

We have evolved to such a point that we are able to rationalize our decisions as well as receive feedback on them from the other people of the human race. Perhaps the most frustrating part is that a simple disagreement on a single small issue can lead to a lot more, making us often unable to work together in order to achieve our goals. So how do we fix this?

The answer

The answer is that there is no easy answer. That we must divide our individual lives from that of our community and still try to walk the line in order to best serve both. Humans may be selfish by nature, they may not be, but just like any animal, their focus is primarily on their own survival. You cannot really blame them for this as this is what all animals prioritize.

However, the fast that we have developed mentally beyond that of most animals gives us the capacity to take a step back and look at what we are doing. To realize that we can change for the better.

One love

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People have a tendency to act irrationally or without thought sometimes and this can reflect poorly on us as a species. There is so much war and violence in the world and although everybody seems to want to talk about it, nobody wants to do anything about it. It is essential that we address these problems head on. If you see injustice being done, step in and say something.

Now that of course means take action in a nonviolent way. People think that violence is the answer, but if you look at it from a historical perspective, nonviolent protest does work. Civil rights was not a violent protest and even though there is still racial inequality, we have made large strides toward equality. From doctors in great hospitals to the people like baycityasphalt.com – Asphalt Pavement in Oakland CA, people are doing their best to make the world that they live in a better place, moving in the right direction.

Doing your part

If you see something say something. Do not sit idly by while injustice is being done. Vote, lobby, canvas, do whatever you can to spread the message that peace is an achievable goal, but not if we keep making the same mistakes. It is everyone’s responsibility to maintain the relationships that we have with humanity, to make sure that we are all one.

It is something that is not out of the realm of possibility, but myself and many others envision a world in which people are treated based on their merits and not their skin or culture. A world where war is as a last to pretty much non zero way to deal with threats. That one day this world can be our own without violence. Everyone can do their part in order to ensure that we are one.

Getting swept up

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As someone that spends a lot of their time reading the news ticker on the internet, I can safely say that I am relatively informed about the world around me and more specifically the country in which I live. There are a number of things that are great about this in that I always have something to talk about with my peers, but there is also a weight.

Knowing the world around me is sometimes a cold and indifferent place makes me sad, and sharing that information with people and watching them get sad doesn’t much help. There is an underlying theme of despair in this country at times, and some people myself included find it difficult to navigate the world with this going on.

But there is hope

Knowing what is going around is not all bad, because it gives us the power to do something about it. We are just individuals, but together we can make a huge difference. In addition to the bad stuff happening in the world, you also catch glimpses of humanity’s better angels, doing what they can to voice their opinion and speak out against injustice.

No matter how you choose to look at it, one thing is clear, that we cannot navigate this world without working together. That the bad things happen and will continue to happen as long as people stay divided. We may not be able to do much on our own, but together we can accomplish great things and literally change the world.

Lap of luxury

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One of the ways in which we can judge success is our ability to have free time in this harsh world. Humans of ancient times had to worry so much about where their next meal was coming from that they had little time to enjoy themselves. Today, we live in a world, well some of us, that we do not have to worry as much about such things and we can begin to enjoy our lives.

Unfortunately this is not true all of the world, but living in the United States, we must find things to occupy our time with. One such things is luxury items that are not crucial to our survival, but rather things that we use to enhance our lives. Talking to someone from a local business by the name of Perfect Pool Repair, I gained insight on just how great some of us have it.

Worry not

If you think about it, pools are something that we definitely do not need for survival and are sort of strange. There is water all around our planet, water that is perfect for swimming. However, we are at a place where we want this in our own back yard. We do not want to travel to remote destinations to enjoy swimming, but rather we just want to walk into our back yard in order to do so. How far we have come since wondering where our next meal is coming from.

All you can do is marvel at how far we have come and appreciate what we have. Working together as a society, we have constructed a world in which we do not have to worry about the essentials in life, but can then simply install items to make our lives easy, perhaps too easy.

How far we have come

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When it comes to humanity, we have come a long way from our ancestors but still have a long way to go. There was a period in time where war tore the earth and innovation was at a standstill, this was called the Dark Ages, and it represented a period of stagnation in a world that had previously experienced a great deal of artistic and cultural growth.

Today, we are past that and we hope to never go back. A good reason why we got out of the Dark Ages and resumed innovation was through peace and stopping the spread of disease. During the Dark Ages, the Bubonic Plague killed much of the world’s population and we had no way in which to control it.

Things are better

Today, we have gotten a lot closer to managing disease and although our world is still plagued by war and intolerance, this analogue we have still managed to come a long way especially in terms of medical technology. Perhaps people are violent by nature, but if we can work together at least in some arenas, we can once again begin to innovate our world.

In the future, let’s hope that we can get rid of the racial intolerance and war and continue to build a more peaceful and profitable future. Whenever humans fight on a large scale, humanity suffers. In order to truly achieve a utopia, we must begin to think of other people rather than just protecting our own selfish interests.

The speed at which life moves

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Today, life is not what it used to be. Things were a lot simpler back then, and we had fewer distractions in our everyday life. Far gone is the world in which we have to worry about when the next crop will come in (mostly) or where we will find our shelter (for most). Now we are inundated with information and have access to information in droves.

What this means for how we live is something pretty amazing. One such thing is the lack of leaving things unknown. Many people have covered this topic from scholars to comedians. The Internet has allowed us to look anything up at the touch of a button, so in a sense there is no more mystery when there used to be.

Truly astonishing

Is that the information age has not only changed how we conduct our lives, but it has also extended far beyond what we could have imagined. Not knowing everything at the exact time that we wanted was something that didn’t necessarily hold us back, but having this information at hand has sort of made us a better informed populous.

It is difficult to hide anything these days, which has led to corporations and other entities being more transparent. The age in which we live is one where information is not only at a premium, but is widely available to anyone that has the means with which to access it. There is no doubt that the world we live in is faster than ever and that we are at the forefront.

Our core beliefs

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Religion is something that has been the crux of many conflicts worldwide, and for some people, this is seen as a large problem. It is undoubtedly the main cause for armed conflict around the world and in many ways, always has been. So why is religion, something that is inherently good, and tells us to treat people with love and respect, something that often leads to violence.

Well perhaps the answer lies in its importance to people. We hold our beliefs at such a strong value, that it is hard for people to see why other people believe in the things that they do. There is so much violence in the name of religion, but it is not religion’s fault, it is human nature.

Curbing it back

This blog is designed to paint religion in a new light. As a powerful force that can bring people together rather than tear people apart. Humans are often violent in nature, and religion is often used as a crutch on which to blame people’s nature. Going to war over religion is something that is almost contradictory in nature, so perhaps it is time to re-evaluate the way we press our beliefs.

As stated in previous posts, all we can do is try to understand other people’s beliefs and show the world that religion can in fact be the conduit for love that it was designed to be. Let’s curb our violent nature and show the world that we can do better, that we can preach what we teach.

Coming together

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Well there is something that cannot be denied about the world today, and that is that peace is very far from a possibility. It seems as though racial and religious tensions are at an all time high, and that does not bode well for humanity. What I always have strove for is getting people aware about social injustice in the world and letting people know that they can do something about it.

Religion and race are things that make us different on a surface level, but the problem comes when people begin to separate these people from humanity. In order to achieve peace, or even begin to call ourselves civilized, we must realize that this just will not do.

Things you can do

By simply trying to understand how other people work, what drives them, and how they interpret the world around them, we can begin to understand why we should be getting along. That even though these small things may seem to separate us, that we are all part of humanity and in order to become civilized must learn to live together.

Tolerance is only the beginning. When people say they are tolerant, they are pretty much saying that they accept other people’s right to exist. It’s a start, but in order to become a complete person, you should try to understand people rather than just accepting their existence. This is easier said than done of course, but we can begin by improving ourselves and hope that other people follow suit.

Religion and social media

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Something about religion ties us to one another but also separates us from one another. It acts as a way to connect with people of like views but it also alienates those with different views. In addition, social media has changed that the world operates, and it extends to religion and beyond. Good or bad, social media is here to stay, and religion must adjust.

The thing about social media is that it gives virtually anybody a voice, and a powerful voice at that. When it comes to religion, this voice can either be positive or negative, either persuade people to come together or drift apart. And while I like to view social media and religion as a good thing, it isn’t always.

The truth

The truth is that while social media allows for some ignorance, it also acts as a way for people to police themselves. Many ignorant posts are not only criticized, but often persuades people to take down the posts. It is possible that this will lead people into a new age where all religions are treated equally, and even those that don’t agree with it, can treat it with respect

We must understand that social media has crept into every aspect of our lives, and that this is the world in which we live. The only thing we can do when it comes to hateful speech on social media is ignore it and hope that people realize that those sorts of opinions are unpopular.